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Life is that games which have its own rules and results. It does not depend on anybody other and thereby it does not require any referee for its consent. However, it is always ready to through the dice of the condition in its own way and you are just a character playing its part. The better you play the better you score and the better you get promoted. It has no such victory and defeat as it has only one fund that is the rise and learns more and more to uplift yourself in the next stage. Although it seems difficult once you start taking interest in you to learn how to play it with your own rules.


It is very unfair of people saying that life is the most unfair. Rather the truth is it is the fairest game you ever play. However, it does not get tired after taking one test of yours and gets ready to set another pair for you. But if you start pacing your speed with the life you get the best results. It is very obvious to say that there is a ray of hope of expectation from life as you are totally contributing yourself in it but the main point is expectation should not raise the level of your efforts. As if led it to happen you start to think about the result rather than the degree of efforts you need to pay in it. However, the life has a solid formula do well and your expectation are fulfilled maybe not now but at one point you do receive if you are really deserving and if you have really worked hard for it.


Life is the most unpredictable thing that happens to you. You may think that this going to work but eventually you get to see that something reverse happened. It has the track of rollercoasters the whole path is jerky. If it wouldn’t be then life will be boring just like if you are asked to have only one cuisine for a long period of time. Resonance of hurdles and roller coaster of emotions makes your life interesting and quirky. All you need to wait and see what is lying ahead in your platter and once it is served you taste it.

To conclude, it is interesting to define life as it will have numerous explanation each one is different from in another . the best way of explaining the difference is every human has their own individuality and their brains and their way of expression hence the definition of life is also different from each other. But the best part is all having the same chores i.e enjoy the life to the fullest and sees what is waiting for you in the next second. The more start getting living the more you see the unfolded secrets waiting for you. All you need to stay patient and unravel the pixie of the dust of life.